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12 KV Cassette | Floor Mount Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Fully compartmentalized construction with IP4x degree of protection externally and IP2X between compartments.

Emphasis on operator’s safety :

– When the door is in closed condition manual operations like ON, OFF, manual spring charging, Rack-in & Rack-Out can be carried out

– Fool proof mechanical interlock to prevent rack-in and rack-out of closed breaker

– Independent exhaust vent for all HT compartments

– Multiple guides for safe, sure and enduring self aligning power contacts

– Live parts are covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out

  • – Bus & line earthing switch (Optional)

Separately lockable shutters for bus and cable side.

Access to cable terminals from rear.

Guaranteed voltage withstand without conductor insulation.

Top lifting arrangement for panel.

Conforms to IEC Standard.

The breaker cannot be moved from test to service position unless the breaker compartment door is closed

The breaker cannot be moved from test to service position or vice versa with breaker in closed condition.

The breaker cannot be closed in-between test and service position.

The breaker compartment door cannot be opened when the breaker is in service position or in between service & test positions.

– A Compact, Light, Weight construction, Optimized to give minimum Weight to KA ratio.

– Superior mechanical endurance limit Maintenance required only after 10,000 operations.

– A Unique ‘U’ shaped insulation barrier housing for the Vaccum interrupters, imparting maximum mechanical strength against electrodynamic forces and provides most effective phase to phase and phase to earth segregation.

– A screw type racking arrangement for easy insertion and withdrawl of the Circuit Breaker renders perfect contact pressure, independent of operator’s force

– A simple motor charged spring operating mechanism noted for its high performance reliability.

– A versatile mechanism capable of operating Vacuum Interrupters of any type . Hence, dependence on single source of Vacuum interrputers eliminated.

– Trip free mechanism suitable for repeated auto reclosing duty.

– Spring Charging time of less than 10 seconds.

– Totally enclosed construction for spring charging motor.

– Easy visual check of contact erosion.

Type Motor & Manually Charged
Charging Time of motorised mechanism Less than 10 Sec
Coil voltage* 24/30/48/110/220 V DC
Trip/closed coil power 350 Watts
Motor operating voltage 230 V AC / DC
Power required by charging motor 80 Watts
Type of closing latch Designed to close & latch
Auxiliary switch Upto 8 NO + 8 NC
Mechanical Operating Counter 5 digit non resetting type
* Different voltages as per customer requirement
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Operating Method Manual / Motor Spring ChargeType
Rated Voltage KV 12
No. of Poles Nos 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Current Amp 630 / 1250 / 2000
Short Circuit Current KA 13.1 / 20 /25
Making Current KAP 33 / 50 / 62.5
Duration of short time current Sec. 3
Insulation Level Impulse Power Frequency rms KVp KV 75/95 28
Contact travel mm 7 (+1, -1)
Opening Time Cycles Less than 2 cycles
Interrupting Time Cycles Less than 3 cycles
Closing Time Cycles Less than 3 cycles
Duty cycle Cycles 0-0.3 sec. -CO-3 min-CO
Applicable Standard IEC 62271-100, IS 13118
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Specification Values
Installation & Type Indoor Metal Clad
Insertion of Circuit Breaker Horizontal draw-out and horizontal isolation
Position of CB in the panel Service & Test
Secondary contacts Manually engaged 16/32 way plug & socket
Degree of Protection IP4X (Enclosure) IP2X (Internal)
Rating of Bus Bar 1250 / 1600 / 2000 A
Space for CTs 1 Set CT in Cable Compartment
Space for PT 1. Withdrawable bus & cable PT. Top of Panel / CB Compartment (Optional) 2. Fix type bus/cable PT. In cable compartment (Optional)
Space Heaters 230 V AC, 100 W / 200 W strip type (Optional)
Cable Termination Height 820 mm from bottom
Applicable Standard IEC 62271-200, IS 3427
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