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M.V. Indoor Metal Clad VCB Modules – 12kV

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– Fully type tested at CPRI

– Ex-Stock Availability

– Compact modular design suitable for 600mm width of panel

– Simple in construction, easy to operate

  • – Suitable for close door application i.e when the front door is closed all manual operations like ON, OFF, manual spring charging, rack-in & rack-out can be carried out
  • – Robust & internal arc proof design
  • – IP 4x degree of protection externally
  • – Foolproof mechanical interlock to prevent rack-in and rack-out of closed breaker
  • – Explosion flaps on top of modules for exhaust purpose
  • – Live parts are covered by automatic shutter when the breaker is racked out
  • – The breaker cannot be moved from test to service position unless the breaker compartment door is closed
  • – The breaker cannot be moved from test to service position or vice-versa with the breaker in closed condition
  • – The breaker cannot be closed in -between test & service position
  • – The breaker compartment door cannot be opened when the breaker is in service position or in-between service & test positions

– A Compact, Light, Weight construction, Optimized to give minimum Weight to KA ratio.

– Superior mechanical endurance limit Maintenance required only after 10,000 operations.

– A Unique ‘U’ shaped insulation barrier housing for the Vaccum interrupters, imparting maximum mechanical strength against electrodynamic forces and provides most effective phase to phase and phase to earth segregation.

– A screw type racking arrangement for easy insertion and withdrawl of the Circuit Breaker renders perfect contact pressure, independent of operator’s force

– A simple motor charged spring operating mechanism noted for its high performance reliability.

– A versatile mechanism capable of operating Vacuum Interrupters of any type . Hence, dependence on single source of Vacuum interrputers eliminated.

– Trip free mechanism suitable for repeated auto reclosing duty.

– Spring Charging time of less than 10 seconds.

– Totally enclosed construction for spring charging motor.

– Easy visual check of contact erosion.

Type Motor & Manually Charged
Charging Time of motorised mechanism Less than 10 Sec
Coil voltage* 24/30/48/110/220 V DC
Trip/closed coil power 350 Watts
Motor operating voltage 230 V AC / DC
Power required by charging motor 80 Watts
Type of closing latch Designed to close & latch
Auxiliary switch Upto 8 NO + 8 NC
Mechanical Operating Counter 5 digit non resetting type
* Different voltages as per customer requirement
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Operating Method Manual / Motor Spring ChargeType
Rated Voltage KV 12
No. of Poles Nos 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Current Amp 630 / 1250 / 2000
Short Circuit Current KA 13.1 / 20 /25
Making Current KAP 33 / 50 / 62.5
Duration of short time current Sec. 3
Insulation Level Impulse Power Frequency rms KVp KV 75/95 28
Contact travel mm 7 (+1, -1)
Opening Time Cycles Less than 2 cycles
Interrupting Time Cycles Less than 3 cycles
Closing Time Cycles Less than 3 cycles
Duty cycle Cycles 0-0.3 sec. -CO-3 min-CO
Applicable Standard IEC 62271-100, IS 13118
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